Welcome to Liberty Bell Films

Liberty Bell Films (LBF) is an independent film and video
production company that creates low-budget content
under the direction of actor-producer
Mark Kochanowicz.  

Founded in 2006, Liberty Bell Films targets and attracts
emerging talent and highly-regarded production members
to its freelance team. Using an expanding roster that
continues to be refined, we stretch every available dollar to
produce the best possible content that your budget

Speaking of content, LBF's writing team (Wade Ballance
and Mark Kochanowicz) was twice grand prize finalists
(2010 & 2011) for the Greater Philadelphia Film Office
Shoot In Philadelphia screen-writing competition award.
These were the only two years in which LBF entered.

We have
produced  a feature-length movie, 21 short films,
a Web series and corporate videos, using media that
includes 16mm film, the Red One camera, HD video and
SD video. Most of these films have screened at festivals
throughout the United States and a few have even won

Please contact us If you have a need to rent
equipment or hire our services.

If you are an investor, producer, writer or crew person who
would like to be involved with our upcoming projects,
please submit your information to us via postal mail or use
Contact Us form. Actors are always welcome to
submit their professional headshots and resumes to us as
well. Our address is listed to the right. Serious inquiries
396 Delmar Street
Philadelphia, PA 19128
Phone: 215-485-1817
E-mail: info[at]libertybellfilms.com
Web site: www.libertybellfilms.com
Liberty Bell Films - Motion Picture Independence
Liberty Bell Films - An independent motion picture production company founded by Mark Kochanowicz.
© Copyright 2011. Mark Kochanowicz. All Rights Reserved.
Mark Kochanowicz
Mark Kochanowicz continues to improve as a
filmmaker, with improved visuals, acting, and story
progression. I really look forward to his future films as
he continues to evolve as a storyteller.

Jeremy Hanke Microfilmmaker Magazine
April, 2007
Mark Kochanowicz - Director, Writer, Producer