Kafka Pizza (2012) - Dark Comedy, 6 min
Liberty Bell Films - Motion Picture Independence

Rookie Delivery Guy - John P. Gelety
Pizza Shop Owner - Emilio Straface
Jumper - David J. Greenberg
Couger - Lysa Braccille
Bored Girl - Kyra Kochanowicz
Peering Girl - Emmie Kochanowicz
Smart Girl - Kayla Kochanowicz
Mischievous Girl - Wylie Kochanowicz

Director, Producer - Mark Kochanowicz
Writers - Mark Kochanowicz, David J. Greenberg & Lysa Braccille
Cinematographer/Editor - Mark Kochanowicz
Original Music - John Avarese
Location Sound - Mark Kochanowicz & John P. Gelety
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A pizza delivery guy falls victim to a child's prank on his first day on the job.
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Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival: September 29, 2012. 5 PM. World Premier.
International House Philadelphia, 3701 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104.
Nominated for Best Music
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Made for the 2012 Project Twenty1 Competition.
Film Stills
Kafka Pizza - Poster Still
Kafka Pizza - A short film by Mark Kochanowicz